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Our BINs

Our BINs

You may ask why a landscaping company would have interest in a Bin company.   We have taken a number of construction jobs over the years and called a third party to help us with the waste removal.  We found that sometimes these companies would not deliver on time, they would not provide the correct size Bin or they could damage our client’s driveways. In addition, many of my family members are getting older I have watched in vain them trying to find ways to properly dispose of their house hold “things.”
Our difference?  I Tony Colacci pride myself on being on time, delivering the Bin where you would like in on your driveway, as well stocking 3 different size Bins to help with all your house hold or construction needs.  

As well, I believe in taking an extra step- we place 3 foot long pieces of timber under all Bins to limit damage to driveways, this is one small way we are different, as well our Bins are Clean.

And remember our Bins can come with materials in them, so if you are building a garden, we can deliver the clean new soil to one part of your driveway and the Bin to the other saving you time and money on delivery. (Note:  Our Bins can be filled with ALL types of landscaping material and sod at very competitive rates)
People ask, “can I put clean fill in and trash?” Examples of clean fill are grass you dig out from your yard or garden, or rocks that you no longer need. You cannot mix household garbage (trash) with clean fill.

We at The Grass is Greener Landscaping & Snow Removal (T.G.I.G.L) are environmentalists and want to reuse all clean fill.  We turn your old “dirt/grass/mulch” into clean and reusable garden soil. All recyclable material goes to the  transfer stations and “garbage goes to the land fill.”
Even some construction materials can be reused, so we can’t have a split load.

An example of The Grass is Greener difference is, if you were to dig out a new garden and there was a few little trees or a bush you could inform us and we can make special arrangements so the soil goes on the bottom and then you can put small trees or bushes on top. (please always remembering  the Load line and the TOP of the Bin are different)